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Análisis Multivariado en Ciencias Humanas

Multivariate Analysis in Human Sciences

Miami: TransCampus, 2017. 478 pages.
ISBN: 9788461776788

You can look inside or read the full version in Spanish by clicking here.

La Actividad Científica en la Universidad

The Scientific Activity in The University

Buenos Aires: Cátedra UNESCO-UNU, Universidad de Palermo, Colección de Educación Superior, 2010. 240 pages.
[Co-authors: Martín Aiello and Victoria Sheepshanks]
ISBN: 9789871716197

Modelo de Innovación de la Educación Superior

Model of Innovation in Higher Education

Bilbao: Editorial Mensajero and University of Deusto, 2007. 460 pages.
[Co-authors: Aurelio Villa and J.J. Goñi]
ISBN: 9788427128866

The Financing of Universities

Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. 330 pages.
[One of the authors in a collective co-authored report of Higher Education in the World 2006]
ISBN: 978023000469

The Psychosocial and Cultural Nature of Education

Boston: Pearson, 2004. 273 pages.
[Co-editor: C.M. Alvarez]
ISBN: 0536844550

La agenda universitaria

The University Agenda

Buenos Aires: Grupo ILHSA and Universidad de Palermo, 2004. 264 pages.
[One of the authors in a collective co-authored report of Higher Education for Argentina under the coordination of Carlos Marquis]
ISBN: 9879892798

Manual de auto-evaluación de la universidad

Handbook of University Self-Evaluation

Bogotá: Editorial Universidad de los Andes/UNESCO, 1998. 224 pages.
ISBN: :9589057969

Cultural and Social Foundations of Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Needham Heigths, Mass: Simon & Schuster, 1997, 2nd edition 2000. 433 pages.
ISBN: 0536596344

Universidad y Devenir

University and Becoming

Buenos Aires: Editorial Lugar, 1997. 173 pages.
ISBN: 9508920270

Manual de Instant-Graf Estadística-IGES

Instant-Graph-Statistics: A DOS computer program

Madrid: Anaya, 1994. 386 pages.
[Including software diskettes]
ISBN: w/n

University Trends, Missions and Policies: Looking Ahead

Paris: UNESCO, Higher Education Division, 1993. 178 pages.
ISBN: w/n

Tendencias, Misiones y Políticas de la Universidad

[Spanish revised version of preceding book]

Paris & Managua: UNESCO/UCA, 1993. 134 pages.
ISBN: w/n

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