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Catchall / Cajón de Sastre

A Reflection on Aesthetic Thinking

We do not want for art to remain a forbidden garden for a fortunate few, because we know that the absence of art in our lives dims our creative and cognitive abilities, and silences the voice of our souls.

As professionals of learning, we know that art education not only enhances the cognitive abilities of students and prepares them to understand the significance of human emotions, but it also helps them to appreciate the values of their culture, and the spiritual richness of beauty and creativity that surpasses all frontiers.

As citizens of the twenty first century, we know that we are living times of upheaval: as we leave the post-industrial era, we are entering a world of hectic changes in which nothing seems to endure, but at the same time, it is a world in which we will be measured by our creative abilities. In such a world we need more than ever the power of great art and the stamp of permanence that it gives to human societies.

©2012 Miguel Angel Escotet. All rights reserved. Permission to reprint with appropriate citing.

Quotes on Education

Tiene más grandeza educar a un niño, en el verdadero y amplio sentido de la palabra, que gobernar un estado. - William Ellery Channing

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