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Is Human Development Achievable Without Ethical Ends?

Ethics Banner

The basis of human progress is not in a return to the past, nor is it in the present; it is to anticipate the future; to go forward with the awareness of what could and should have been done and has not been done. The objective is to conceive new ideas, methods, values and attitudes […]

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Learning Forever: Deconstructing Current Education

MAE Forever1

One of the problems facing education today is its failure to adapt to the advances in science and technology. Educational institutions and their teaching systems lag far behind when it comes to adapting to new forms of knowledge and learning. While the education system shapes some of the components of society, it is also conditioned […]

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Education for the Greater Good


Lack of social ethics is one of the causes of violence and it is at the root of our present social and economic crises We live in a world in turmoil, a world of collapsing ideas, unfulfilled promises, and crashed ideologies and we experience the forces of change invading our classrooms every day, and at the […]

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21 Variables That Students Do Not Systematically Learn At The School

IT class 2

Development of thought and ethical behavior. Full and responsible exercise of human rights. Democratic cooperative behavior. Simultaneous exercise of rights and obligations for the practice of freedom. Multicultural, intercultural and international understanding. Development of aesthetic sensitivity. Critical sense and spirit of dialogue with full respect for the ideas of others. Flexibility and tolerance. Development of […]

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Utopian Planning for Development and Change


The concept of development has been used in economics, sociology and education under different ideological labels and for a variety of planning purposes. However, the main reason for singling out education as instrumental in development is its role in producing the skilled manpower required to meet a country’s socio-economic needs. Thus education has come to […]

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Teaching Beyond the Transmission of Knowledge

Beyond knowledge

«Teaching to the test at the expense of teaching to the heart is wrong and reduces education to a very superficial acquisition of knowledge and values. Standardized testing for measuring knowledge, skills and attitudes goes against learning styles and individual differences.» «One of the most important rules of teaching is to preach by example. Are […]

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From Terminal Degrees In Higher Education To Lifelong Learning

Lifelong education

The most relevant and controversial issue facing the university is one of its «raisons d’être»: formation, the teaching-learning process. The English word ‘formation’ – among other meanings – indicates ‘the act or process of forming’ or ‘the shaping or developing of something’. The word ‘formative’ means ‘having influence in forming or developing’. Similarly, I use the term […]

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A Personal Selection of Nelson Mandela Best Quotes

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Nelson Mandela is a clear example of an authentic ethical life. A person with integrity. He has been preaching by example. “As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself… Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of […]

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We Need More Education Of The Heart


I am a firm believer in the education of the heart and the education of the creative impulse. At the risk of sounding too idealistic, I believe that what is dignified, what is gentle, what is poetic and artistic in the human spirit is the most important part of the education of a child. The […]

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A Reflection on Aesthetic Thinking

banner reflexion

We do not want for art to remain a forbidden garden for a fortunate few, because we know that the absence of art in our lives dims our creative and cognitive abilities, and silences the voice of our souls. As professionals of learning, we know that art education not only enhances the cognitive abilities of students […]

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Quotes on Education

Education is not the filing of a pail, but the burning of a fire --William Butler Yeats

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Lo que el maestro es, es más importante que lo que enseña. - Karl Menninger

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Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

Bertrand Russell


Tres pasiones, simples pero abrumadoramente fuertes, han gobernado mi vida: el anhelo de amor, la búsqueda del conocimiento y una insoportable piedad por el sufrimiento de la humanidad.

Bertrand Russell

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