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Affective Competencies That Students Do Not Systematically Learn

All affective variables or domains must be stimulated from the earliest pre-school age. Other­wise it is a very difficult, almost impossible, task for high school and the university. However, at any age, the world of feeling is always open to exploration and individual growth. If this has not been achieved at the previous levels of […]

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La fragmentación de los saberes

Uno de los pioneros de la computación, Konrad Zuse, dijo una vez que “el peligro de que los ordenadores se vuelvan semejantes al ser humano no es tan grande como el peligro de que el ser humano se convierta en un ordenador.” (Hersfelder Zeitung, 12 de Septiembre de 2005). El temor a la persona máquina, […]

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Education for the Greater Good

Lack of social ethics is one of the causes of violence and it is at the root of our present social and economic crises We live in a world in turmoil, a world of collapsing ideas, unfulfilled promises, and crashed ideologies and we experience the forces of change invading our classrooms every day, and at the […]

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La desideologización de la sociedad contemporánea

Cuentan que un día, al regresar las hormigas con el producto de su trabajo, los centinelas del hormiguero, como siempre, controlaban lo que cada una aportaba a la comunidad. Hojas, semillas y muy variados alimentos les permitían entrar al mismo. Pero una hormiga, al intentar pasar sin llevar producto alguno, fue detenida y se le […]

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Utopian Planning for Development and Change

The concept of development has been used in economics, sociology and education under different ideological labels and for a variety of planning purposes. However, the main reason for singling out education as instrumental in development is its role in producing the skilled manpower required to meet a country’s socio-economic needs. Thus education has come to […]

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Humanism and Educational Technology Must Coexist

What has come to be know as educational technology sprang from behaviorist psychology and philosophical positivism and gradually came to include the theories of systems and of communication. However, the different incidence of each of the contributions in each place, and the passing of time, have shown all too clearly the shortcomings of the atomistic […]

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Quotes on Education

Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age? --Eric Fromm

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