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Aprender para el ejercicio estético y ético

De nadie aprendemos más que de aquel que hace tambalear nuestros valores Filósofos, artistas, legisladores y poetas han pasado muchos siglos analizando estos dos conceptos y algunos han llegado a la conclusión que no pueden separarse de la propia formación del ser humano. La educación para apreciar la belleza se dirige a los sentidos y […]

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Is Human Development Achievable Without Ethical Ends?

“To base the political division of the world’s future on ideological standpoints of left or right is senseless.” The basis of human progress is not in a return to the past, nor is it in the present; it is to anticipate the future; to go forward with the awareness of what could and should have […]

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Can We Transfer Science From One Culture To Another?

Can we transfer science from one country to another or from one culture to other culture? Is a scientific fact different in the United States and China? Who owns science? Are we confusing science with technology? Science does not come into existence by spontaneous generation. Scientific knowledge is not only an inheritance from the past […]

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A Reflection on Aesthetic Thinking

We do not want for art to remain a forbidden garden for a fortunate few, because we know that the absence of art in our lives dims our creative and cognitive abilities, and silences the voice of our souls. As professionals of learning, we know that art education not only enhances the cognitive abilities of students […]

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Citas sobre la educación

Al estudiante que nunca se le pide que haga lo que no puede, nunca hace lo que puede. - John Stuart Mill

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Tres pasiones, simples pero abrumadoramente fuertes, han gobernado mi vida: el anhelo de amor, la búsqueda del conocimiento y una insoportable piedad por el sufrimiento de la humanidad.

Bertrand Russell

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