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Aprender para el ejercicio estético y ético

De nadie aprendemos más que de aquel que hace tambalear nuestros valores Filósofos, artistas, legisladores y poetas han pasado muchos siglos analizando estos dos conceptos y algunos han llegado a la conclusión que no pueden separarse de la propia formación del ser humano. La educación para apreciar la belleza se dirige a los sentidos y […]

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Is Human Development Achievable Without Ethical Ends?

“To base the political division of the world’s future on ideological standpoints of left or right is senseless.” The basis of human progress is not in a return to the past, nor is it in the present; it is to anticipate the future; to go forward with the awareness of what could and should have […]

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Dogmatism Does Not Belong To University Culture

Dogmatism and rigidity in the university are sources of intolerance, authoritarianism and conflict. Moreover, flexibility is not a synonym of weakness; on the contrary, it is a symbol of spiritual fortitude that grows when it rectifies mistakes and discovers its own ignorance.

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My Teaching Philosophy: An Intimate Reflection

Education should prepare the human being for ongoing change and for the eventual crisis that might arise as a result of the transition. I believe the aim of education should be to build in each student strong theoretical foundations, to help future teachers to be educated rather than trained, to be capable of understanding the […]

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Education for the Greater Good

Lack of social ethics is one of the causes of violence and it is at the root of our present social and economic crises We live in a world in turmoil, a world of collapsing ideas, unfulfilled promises, and crashed ideologies and we experience the forces of change invading our classrooms every day, and at the […]

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La desideologización de la sociedad contemporánea

Cuentan que un día, al regresar las hormigas con el producto de su trabajo, los centinelas del hormiguero, como siempre, controlaban lo que cada una aportaba a la comunidad. Hojas, semillas y muy variados alimentos les permitían entrar al mismo. Pero una hormiga, al intentar pasar sin llevar producto alguno, fue detenida y se le […]

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Transparency and Social Regulation in Higher Education

The most radical critics suggest that the best law on university action is one that refers to an institution’s mission and obliges it to fulfill it. Making the links between aims and means, between internal and external achievements are part of that accountability process. But control is a necessary mechanism only in as much as […]

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A Personal Selection of Nelson Mandela Best Quotes

Nelson Mandela is a clear example of an authentic ethical life. A person with integrity. He has been preaching by example. “As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself… Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of […]

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A Reflection on Aesthetic Thinking

We do not want for art to remain a forbidden garden for a fortunate few, because we know that the absence of art in our lives dims our creative and cognitive abilities, and silences the voice of our souls. As professionals of learning, we know that art education not only enhances the cognitive abilities of students […]

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Citas sobre la educación

El arte supremo del maestro es despertar el placer de la expresión creativa y el conocimiento. - Albert Einstein

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