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Evaluación y cambio en la cultura universitaria

Los cambios son difíciles de producir si no existen los recursos financieros y tecnológicos, pero se adhieren obstáculos a ellos, cuando no existe la voluntad o cuando el pesimismo se adelanta a la acción, o cuando se producen cambios que responden más al capricho o la intuición que a una valoración objetiva de logros y […]

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Shared Governance in Higher Education

The authority of governing is gained through the existence of levels of participation and cooperation in decision-making. The picture above shows the signature ceremony of the Magna Charta Universitatum signed in Piazza Maggiore at Bologna in September 18, 1988 by 388 Rectors of worldwide main universities. They were representing the Autoritas Universitatum of the traditional and new higher education institutions […]

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Transparency and Social Regulation in Higher Education

The most radical critics suggest that the best law on university action is one that refers to an institution’s mission and obliges it to fulfill it. Making the links between aims and means, between internal and external achievements are part of that accountability process. But control is a necessary mechanism only in as much as […]

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The Corporate Management Is An Unfit Model for Education

What are the bases of culture and society? What is the cultural and social context of education? How can the social forces that influence teaching and learning be adapted to enhance the educational process? What are the cultural and social foundations of education in America? What are the purposes of education in a global society? […]

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Citas sobre la educación

Quien se atreve a enseñar, nunca debe dejar de aprender. - John Cotton Dana

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