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Can We Transfer Science From One Culture To Another?


Can we transfer science from one country to another or from one culture to other culture? Is a scientific fact different in the United States and China? Who owns science? Are we confusing science with technology? Science does not come into existence by spontaneous generation. Scientific knowledge is not only an inheritance from the past […]

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Is Distance Education Opposed to Face-To-Face Education?


Open education is particularly characterized by the removal of restrictions, exclusions and privileges; by the accreditation of students’ previous ex­perience; by the flexibility of the management of the time variable; and by substantial changes in the traditional relationship between professors and students. On the other hand, distance or virtual education is a modality which permits […]

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Transparency and Social Regulation in Higher Education


The most radical critics suggest that the best law on university action is one that refers to an institution’s mission and obliges it to fulfill it. Making the links between aims and means, between internal and external achievements are part of that accountability process. But control is a necessary mechanism only in as much as […]

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We Need More Education Of The Heart


I am a firm believer in the education of the heart and the education of the creative impulse. At the risk of sounding too idealistic, I believe that what is dignified, what is gentle, what is poetic and artistic in the human spirit is the most important part of the education of a child. The […]

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The Aesthetic Dimension of Education and Learning


Science and art, as dimensions of creative thought, are universal in nature and develop to the full in freedom. Science stimulates the cognitive processes of the individual involved and art the emotions, but the cognitive and emotional elements coexist in both. Through science it is possible to experience aesthetic enjoyment, and with art it is […]

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Balance Between Aesthetics, Science and Ethics in Education

Science and values

The most relevant and controversial issue facing the university is one of its raisons d’être: formation, the teaching-learning process. The English word ‘formation’ – among other meanings – indicates ‘the act or process of forming’ or ‘the shaping or developing of something’. The word ‘formative’ means ‘having influence in forming or developing’. Similarly, I use the […]

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Humanism and Educational Technology Must Coexist

Edtech Banner

What has come to be know as educational technology sprang from behaviorist psychology and philosophical positivism and gradually came to include the theories of systems and of communication. However, the different incidence of each of the contributions in each place, and the passing of time, have shown all too clearly the shortcomings of the atomistic […]

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What Is The Purpose Of Higher Education – Knowledge Or Utility?


What is the purpose of higher education – knowledge or utility? Such question encourages a false dichotomy since both are needed for people’s genuine education; never one at the expense of the other. Higher education institutions, primarily universities, must have a two-pronged approach in the search for knowledge, to develop the highest degree of creative […]

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“Today there is a need to educate for uncertainty”


In this interview, professor Miguel Ángel Escotet reveals the key factors for achieving an education adapted to the future. To his mind, it is crucial to allow students take a more active role in their own education, to strive for a balance between the cognitive and affective domains and educate for an increasingly uncertain world.

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The Corporate Management Is An Unfit Model for Education

strategic management

What are the bases of culture and society? What is the cultural and social context of education? How can the social forces that influence teaching and learning be adapted to enhance the educational process? What are the cultural and social foundations of education in America? What are the purposes of education in a global society? […]

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Quotes on Education

Sixty years ago I knew everything; now I know nothing; education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. --Will Durant

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